Eagle Eye Cherry

 Name: Eagle Eye Cherry
 Named:  Eagle Eye because he opened his eyes and looked at his
 father when he was born.
 Age: 29 years.
 Lives: In a small apartment in Stockholm, Sweden.
 Started: Born and raised in Skåne, Sweden. He moved to New York in
 his early teens were he stayed in 15 years. When he was 9 years old
 he played the drums in his fathers, the jazzlegend Don Cherrys, band. 
 Family relation: On his album ”Desireless” he sings a duett with Titiyo,
 his sister Neneh Cherrys half sister. His brother in law Cameron 
 ”Booga Bear” McVey did the remix.
 Awards: He won two "Rockbjörnar", one for the best Swedish song and 
 one for best Swedish Male artist.Eagle-Eye Cherry didn't always want 
to be a musician. After moving from Sweden to New York City with his 
 family in
 his early teens, Eagle-Eye attended the School of Performing Arts, 
 with his heart set on being an actor. After graduation
 he spent his time acting on various TV-shows and modelling. However, 
music was always a big presence in Eagle-Eye's
 life. Growing up, he spent a lot of time on tour with his father, 
jazz musician Don Cherry. While working in other fields,
 Eagle-Eye was writing music and performing in clubs in New York, 
mostly for fun, with no intention of pursuing a career
 as a musician. 

 When Eagle-Eye returned to Stockholm in the mid-Nineties he 
became more focused on music, and started writing what
 has now become his first album. On the album, Eagle-Eye 
keeps most of the work within the family. Apart from drawing
 inspiration from his late father's music, Eagle-Eye has 
recorded a duet with Titiyo, and recruited brother-in-law 
 McVey, a.k.a. Booga Bear, (Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry, Tricky) 
for remixes. 

 The music that Eagle-Eye makes is very different from what most have come to excpect, 
considering the family ties. The
 central elements are an acoustic guitar, a steady beat and Eagle-Eye's beautiful, 
laid-back vocals. It is a very personal
 and very modern take on the blues tradition, and Eagle-Eye carries it on excellently. 

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