Homer Simpson is the star of the show The Simpsons of FOX. Homer makes at least 1 funny quote every show. He is overweight, loves TV, and loves beer. He is the funnest person on TV. He is the hero of kids everywhere!! We all love Homer! Homer is the father of Bart,Lisa, and Maggie. Bart always makes Homer mad by getting into trouble. Lisa always plays her Alto Saxaphone that drives Homer crazy. And Maggie well Maggie is acsually the smartest out of all of them. Homer is married to Marge she has huge blue hair. Homer works at the Nucular Power Plant in Springfield. When he needs to get away from everything he goes to his favorite bar "Moe's" He and his best friend Barney always go there. Homer is my hero in life! I hope he's yours too! Homer! Homer! Homer! Homer!